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CLASH is a concept store selling new quirky designer and high end organic fashion around the world. (some exclusive to the shop) CLASH concept store stocks brands you haven't seen in Hong Kong uniquely for you. We are selling online solely to ensure a competitive price even for the luxury brand!

NEW! We are setting up a new department doing made to measure with personalize design! Our tailors have 30+ years experience and our designer and stylist have worked in Europe and Hong Kong providing you the freshest ideas.


The founder of Clash concept store Ramby Tse is a fashion designer graduated in Middlesex University, one of the top fashion schools in the UK. Her works has been featured by some of the most influential and popular fashion bloggers and writers like Susie bubble and Wafa Al Obaidat during her study who worked at Vogue and currently setting up her own lifestyle magazine called Sketch. Fashion agent Medium New York offered to buying the whole AW08 graduate collection

Before starting her fashion career, she was educated in Australia majoring in Aviation Management. During her stay in Australia, she discovered her love for Aussie rock music and their bright, playful fashion. To widen her knowledge, she then travels to UK and study fashion. During her stay, she has traveled around Europe and later found these exquisite up and coming labels for the concept store.


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