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Junky Styling

Junky Styling

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Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager are the directors behind Junky Styling who sees the booming of recycle fashion and started their own label in 1997.

Junky Styling mixes modern design using old classics and the result of that combination is an original and interesting mix.

High-profile Junky Styling clients include Kate Moss, Gwen Stefani, Sadie Frost and Sienna Miller.



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Gestuz is a brand that will be right there where the laid-back rock chick and the feminine minimalist find their favourites: popular, high-profiled but reasonably priced clothes with the best in quality.

After just two years, Gestuz has become a fully independent brand to allow it to focus even more on the latest trends and quality designs. The brand has gained a foothold on the international design scene in record time.



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Fullcircle launched in 1996 to create design-led fashion with a quirky approach. Their designs consist of architectural shapes and  deconstructed details, resulting in a beautifully designed collection, with a tough, sexy attitude.


Alice McCall

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Alice McCall. As one of the fastest growing designers to date, with the launch of her new SS06/07 collection, Alice effortlessly proves why her label and its popularity are continually raising the bar.





Macha Jewellery

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Created and owned by Irish designer Bernice Kelly, the Macha Jewellery line is influenced by the vintage fashions researched in her career as a fashion designer for various well known brands.

Precious metals are used, and every piece is handmade or handfinished and antiqued for a previously worn appearance. Pieces are often created by accident, relishing in the unwanted, for an anarchaic rock n'  roll feel.








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